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My story

I've always enjoyed helping and adding value to others

I was born in Istanbul on a snowy March.

I started Judo, a 5-year-old Far East defense sport.

I learned to ice skate at the age of 7.

I received Reiki education through my family at the age of 8.

I started playing piano at the age of 10.

At the age of 12, I studied Chinese and Chinese Culture at Beykoz Doğa College.

For the first time at 13, I got on the plane alone and went to England with my aunt.

International Business and Trade, Özyeğin University

I study International Business and Trade at Özyeğin University in English and finish my department half a semester early.

As of the first year I entered the school, I have been a member of the student club and played an active role, some of which are; Özü Entrepreneurship Club, Theater Club, Dance Club (Advanced level salsa) and Chinese Culture Club, which I now head.

My lessons are available in my lesson plan: Strategy, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Import and Export Management, Marketing, International Marketing, Intercultural Communication, Financial Accounting, Global Expertise, International Business, International Management

Electives I take: Brand Management, International Human Resources Management, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Chinese Economy and Trade, New Media and Law, Decision Making and Behavior, Information Security

Sociology, Istanbul University

Since I have learned to speak to people's problems, concerns and judgments, perhaps as an ideal to myself with my logic and intuition. Therefore, I wanted to study the Psychology Department at the university, but the business fields of that department did not reflect my career dream, so I decided to study the Department of Business in more detail and head towards it. I got acquainted with the concept of open university in my third year at Özyeğin University and enrolled in the 4-year Sociology Department at Istanbul University. I am currently reading 2nd grade.

Chinese, Shanghai University

I chose Chinese as the second foreign language. My interest in the Far East culture, the support of my visual and foreign language intelligence, and China's rising giant in the world were important factors in choosing this language. When I was at A2 level, I prepared and passed the B1 exam and got my HSK3 certificate.

I went to interview at the Confucius Institute at Boğaziçi University and gained a 2 week Chinese language education at Shanghai University and went to China and got my certificate.

  • Signify                                                                 09/2018

  • Florence Nighthingale Hospital                       11/2017

  • AIESEC          Yogyakarta, Endonezya          08/2016

  • Erasmus+      Valencia, İspanya                    04/2016

  • Çin Dili ve Kültürü                                         07/2019

  • HSK3 (CEFR B1)                                             03/2019

  • Çin Kültür Bilgi Yarışması 3.lük Ödülü         12/2018

  • BRC IoP                                                          07/2018

  • ISO9001: 2015                                               07/2018

  • TEB Finansal Okuryazarlık                            11/2017

  • Dijital Pazarlamada Girişimcilik                   11/2017

  • Koç Marketing Club                                      02/2016

  • t-MBA                                                             06/2014

  • Binicilik Başarı Belgesi (Dört Nal)                06/2013

Packon Printing Package (06/2018 - 01/2019)
Specialist, Human Resources and Administrative Affairs
Eleman Recruitment and orientation training for the needs of the department and its manager

Personeli Informing the staff and employer about the preparation of official documents with the lawyer, the processing of legal processes
 Field and personnel suitability checks, follow-up of administrative affairs
 Vocational training, certified training and follow-up and organization of periodic health examinations

Private Figen Eren Oral and Dental Health Clinic (02 / 2017-07 / 2017)
assistant director
Uygun Maintaining the compliance of the polyclinic by the Ministry of Health, Chamber of Dentistry and District Health units
Belirlenmesi Setting long-term goals, protecting the determined strategies
Dönüşüm Increasing motivation to work by recycling staff

Koç Holding A.Ş. (11/2015 - 01/2016)
Intern, Corporate Communication and Media
 Organizing LCV ceremonies, seminars and celebrations
 Booklet preparation and distribution
 Inclusion of current news on the website

Himalayan Crystal (06/2014 - 08/2014)
Brand Designer and Marketing Assistant
Grafik Making graphic designs such as the brand's logo, brochure, website

Marka Promoting brands at Health, Food and Gift fairs